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Only €25.00 Registration. Fundraise Target, Only €450.00.

Cost of Skydive will be deducted from your Sponsored Funds.

We only provide Tandem Skydives to enhance your Safety.
Personal Qualified Irish Aviation Authority Approved Tandem Master Supplied

The balance of your sponsored funds goes to benefit your club.

If you wish to fundraise in aid of a Charity then please visit our other site Skydive4Charity.ie

How it works

1. First you need to Sign Up.Get A Sponsor Pack , enter all your details and pay your registration fee online. PayPal account is not needed.

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Download an Application Form, fill it out and send it into us with your registration fee.
Bank Draft and Postal Orders accepted. Make Payment out to JUMP4SPORT.

Simply nominate your club and include their contact details.
We will get in touch with your club to get things moving for you.

2. We will send your Sponsorship Pack in aid of your Club to you and also register you on our website.

3. Start Fundraising. Friends and Family will be able to Sponsor you almost immediately. (We will email you details)

4. When you have €250.00 raised between online donations and your Sponsor Card, let us know and we will book you into the Drop Zone on a date that suits you.

5. 5. Have an Amazing Fantastic time Skydiving.

6. Two weeks after your Skydive we will close off your account and send the balance of your Sponsored Funds to your Club. Simple.

Some Limitations

Weight Limit: 16st (102kg)
Age: Those under 18 must have parents’ permission (signed on skydive date).
Those over 50 must have a letter of fitness from their doctor.

Your Skydive From 10,000 Feet at 120MPH

You will have your own Personal Qualified Irish Aviation Authority Approved Tandem Master looking after you. You will be attached to him during your Skydive and Parachute Fall. You just need to Smile and Have Fun and have the experience of a lifetime while supporting your club.
Your Skydive normally takes place at Abbeyshrule, Co.Longford.

Sponsored Funds Explained

If you fundraise a total of €450.00. Cost of Skydive is reduced to €250.00 (normally €265.00), balance of your sponsored funds, €200.00 goes to support your club.

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€265.00 Per Tandem Skydive Voucher

We also provide Tandem Skydive Vouchers. What a fantastic gift for anyone for any occasion or why not treat yourself. Simply fill out the form here and pay online or download a Voucher Order Form.

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